Agent Testimonials 

"I enjoy working with the knowledgeable, friendly agents at John L Scott, Yakima. When I go into my office I feel like Im with family and so do my clients!" ... Christana Ball, Broker, Realtor 


"This office really does take it to the next level. I truly feel honored when clients walk into the office. The way they are treated by the entire staff is truly the way a professional office should be ran. Being in this office for over 10 years and never having one day where I felt awkward about asking somebody a question or asking for help is truly a huge befit of working in this office."... Michael Goulart, Broker, Realtor


"I love being at John L Scott...I feel I've surrounded myself with experienced smart trusted brokers with great work ethics that I can count on for help and advice to get me through each real estate transaction I close. Our owner broker is always there to cheer me on and motivate me each and every day. these people have become my family. Thank you to all of you that have made me a very productive real estate broker and a better person." ... Denise Gonzales, Broker, Realtor


"What I like most about being a John L Scott agent is the program. The program tools that are available to all agents, everything that you need to be successful is right at your fingertips." ... Phil Barnes, Broker, Realtor


"My bosses and co-workers at John L Scott Yakima West are amazing! They are always eager and diligent to help me with any questions I have about anything. Especially about my transactions. Being a new Realtor is so exciting and scary at the same time but I am absolutely so lucky to have my amazing bosses and coworkers that I get the pleasure to work with at John L Scott Yakima West! Whether I’m helping a buyer or a seller my bosses have definitely given me the confidence to be successful in my real estate venture." ... Amber Rodriguez, Broker, Realtor


"I love John L Scott because of the integrity, care & support I get as an agent!  Not to mention the great commission programs that are offered!" ... Mallory Huibregtse, Broker, Realtor


"I am so happy to work for John L Scott in Yakima! My co workers and I are a team , we have fun,  share ideas and expertise, and we all support each other. John L Scott offers outstanding training and technology, which makes us one of the best teams in town!" ... Joanie Trout, Broker, Realtor


"I love working for John L Scott because the higher purpose of our company is to live life as a contribution. My goal is to be a contributor to my home town and help others any time I can. I also love working for an established company with more than 85 years as an industry leader in real estate." ...Erin Kline-Aleman, Managing Broker, Realtor


"John L Scott is very professional and offers a lot of pertinent information to make your transaction run smoothly!"  ... Hope Barnes, Broker, Realtor

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